Little Hearts

Growing Up in a Family-Environment

With the support of Daiichi Sankyo, Ilya, an 8-year-old Russian boy, is now living in an orphanage that feels like home. Our “Make Your Heart Feel Good” initiative wants to raise awareness for social causes. By collecting donations we support the remodelling of orphanages in Eastern Europe into family homes. And we care for little and big hearts alike. Therefore prevention measures for people with heart conditions and high blood pressure are part our initiative.

Our Partner “Little Hearts”

In Eastern Europe many children’s homes still lack the funding to provide the boys and girls with a loving and caring environment. "Little Hearts” wants to change this, working with orphanages to find solutions to pressing problems. The projects are based on the principles of the SOS Children's Villages and try to create a "family-like"” environment.

Helping children with disabilities

"Little Hearts" places a special emphasis on helping orphanages for children with physical and learning disabilities. These children need special therapies and support to complete school and to find a job and to raise a family themselves.

Taking Care of Big Hearts

Through many diverse internal and external activities, we combine the support for "Little Hearts" with raising the awareness for protecting the "Big Hearts". As an important provider of medication for cardiovascular patients, we know the risks associated with high blood pressure and other heart problems.

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