Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy of Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH 

Environmental protection is a key guiding principle underlying our actions and an integral part of our corporate activities. We consider environmental issues to be a common challenge for all humankind and we responsibly manage the environmental impact of our operations.

We strictly adhere to environmental laws and regulations, agreements at regional level and voluntary commitments. To fulfil these commitments, we take into account the impact of all our business processes – from research and development to production and marketing – in terms of use and consumption of resources up to their disposal. Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact along our entire value chain, in cooperation with our business partners. 

We operate an environmental management system which we continuously evaluate and improve, thus contributing to a sustainable society. Our concern is an efficient consumption of resources and energy. We strive to avoid and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants as well as the generation of wastewater and waste, and we recycle waste. We respect biodiversity and support the protection of ecosystems.

We are mindful of environmental risks and take preventive measures to avoid and mitigate them.

We promote environmental awareness and understanding and actively engage in communication with our employees and interested groups on all relevant environmental issues.

We commit to implementing and adhering to this environmental policy.

Munich, 22 May 2019

Martin Hesse

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